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Apple set to release Apple TV 3

Published on September 25, 2011 by

With so much focus on the upcoming iPhone and iOS 5, almost no one is talking about Apple updating iPods and Apple TV.

Apple will almost certainly update iPods along with the iPhone as they like to do ahead of each holiday season.

That would leave the Apple TV 2 with the only device left with the A4 chip. An Apple TV 3 with the upgraded A5 chip would bring 1080p to the set-top box. Since just about competitor to Apple TV already has 1080p, this seems like a necessary upgrade and one that will be announced at the event planned for October.

Although, it took Apple 4 years to upgrade the first Apple TV to the second, now that ATV runs iOS, upgrades will likely come more frequently. The current Apple TV is now over a year old and while it’s had more success than it’s predecessor, Apple TV is still considered a hobby. The only way Apple can change that is with significant improvements to the device.

According to AllThingsDigital, Apple is planning the event for October 4th.

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  1. It’s weird that to enable displaying game content on a TV over AirPlay, the player has to turn on ‘mirroring’, which isn’t what they want.

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