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Apple TV goes from hobby to high priority

Published on February 16, 2013 by

There has been no shortage of Apple TV rumors lately. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, is claming that Apple will hold an event in March to introduce a SDK (software development kit) for Apple TV. The SDK would allow developers to create applications that could run on current or upcoming Apple TV devices. Misek believes that the SDK will pave the way for a future Apple television that would be available towards the end of the year.

Analysts such as Peter Misek and Gene Munster have both made predictions that have routinely been wrong. So, I would put much faith in Apple unveiling the SDK in March, but it is likely Apple will release an SDK for Apple TV this year.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler weighed in shortly after Misek made his prediction and indicated that Apple appears to be moving closer to making a major push into television. Although, Siegler expects Apple will unveil the SDK later in the year at the WWDC or later.

I haven’t heard anything specific about the SDK, but the chatter about Apple’s broader television plans has been picking up. And if that chatter is to believed, something is happening this fall — likely late fall. As always with Apple, those plans are subject to change (and, in fact, have changed a few times in the past — see: “Project Sphere”). As you might imagine, content deals remain a bitch, yet remain vital to such a project. But multiple sources suggest everything is finally lining up for this fall.

The best piece of evidence that Apple is ramping up it’s plans for Apple TV comes from Apple itself. The company posted a job listing for a software engineering manager to help deliver the next generation features for Apple TV. One of the job requirements is to have demonstrated success juggling multiple (simultaneous) high priority projects. The first sentence of the job description states lead a team of engineers working on exciting new features and functionality.

No where in the listing does it mention applications for Apple TV nor would I expect it to, but at the very least it looks like Apple’s hobby has become a higher priority.

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