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Apple TV set reportedly seen first hand

Published on May 9, 2012 by

According to a recent article from CultofMac.com, they have a source that has seen a Apple HDTV set first-hand.

There source (which requested to remain anonymous) makes the following claims;

The Apple HDTV looks like Apple’s current lineup of LED-backlit Cinema Displays but is “much bigger.” It has a built-in iSight camera for making free FaceTime video conference calls. And it has Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-activated virtual assistant.

The source did not give any other details regarding specs, pricing or any other iOS features. Cult of Mac does vouch for the source stating that the person has previously provided them with great tips in the past. However, not all of them have panned out. They claim that is due to the fact that the source tends to see products in the prototype or early development stage and Apple doesn’t always choose to release them.

Many people are speculating that the TV could be released as soon as the fourth quarter of this year, but according to one analyst we won’t see an Apple TV set until 2014.

The image above is just a mock-up of what the Apple TV set might look like. Without any concrete evidence the TV is still just a rumor.

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