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Developer working on apps for Apple TV

Published on September 18, 2011 by

Developer Michael Gile recently made this prediction at 360iDev in Denver “Apple TV 2 will be the biggest game console in history,” he went on to state “AppStore has more games than every console in history…combined.”

Gile believes Apple will allow iOS apps on Apple TV and has already been working on development for the device to have apps ready one day one.

He has been working on porting over iOS games Wolfenstein 3D and Quake to the Apple TV’s system. Although, he has not finished with making the games compatible with Apple TV, progress seems to be going well.


Gile also stated he will be releasing a version of the Cocos2D iOS development platform that will also work with the Apple TV. Cocos2D-ATV will be available in October and will make it easier for developers to get their games running on Apple TV.

Apple has not released any information about apps for Apple TV but that hasn’t stopped this developer from being ready when they do.

View the slideshow from his presentation.


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