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Did Steve Jobs reject the new Apple TV UI years ago?

Published on March 25, 2012 by

Apple TV UI

According to an ex-Apple TV Engineer, the new Apple TV User Interface was rejected by Steve Jobs about five years ago.

Apple TV UI

The former Apple TV UI designer, Michael Margolis, went on to say “Now there is nobody to say no to a bad design.”

After making that statement via Twitter, Margolis clarified it with these follow up statements;

“The new AppleTV UI isn’t a sign of a doomed “post-SJ” Apple, it’s a logical next step given their desire to match the iOS home page.”

“Most of the AppleTV UI remains unchanged since AppleTV “Take 2″ and I think that’s a testament to how good it was. Great design is timeless.”

If what Margolis states is true, it’s interesting, but you have to keep in mind that 5 years ago and that was before the iPhone and iPad. Now it only makes sense for the UI to have an iOS feel because the implementation of apps is likely on the horizon. Apple is even bringing parts of iOS to the Mac with the latest operating system.

I actually prefer the new UI over the previous version. However, I still think it can be improved upon.

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