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iTV Concept Photos

Published on November 29, 2012 by

iTV or a full-fledged Apple television may be one of the most rumored Apple products ever. For year now, people have speculated that Apple will release a sleek and stylish TV with a user interface that could change the TV market the way the company changed phones, tablets and the way we listen to music.

Apple’s current set-top box is often referred to as a hobby, but Tim Cook has said “we will continue to pull strings” with Apple TV to see where it takes the company.

“We’re not going to keep around projects that we don’t believe in. There’s a lot of people here that are believers in Apple TV and we continue to invest in it and see where it will take us. We do it because we think it can lead us somewhere,” says Cook.

It’s extremely likely that Apple is working on TV prototypes, but whether or not the device ever makes it to market is anyones guess. If Apple creates a TV that they believe is substantially better than what’s currently on the market, the TV will probably become a reality.

In the meantime, here is a galley of concept photos that depict what the interface might look like on an Apple television.

The photos come from a forum member at The Verge who created the mockups below.

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