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When will Apple open Apple TV to developers

Published on August 29, 2011 by

It didn’t take long after the second generation Apple TV was released for people to discover the device was running iOS. Even though the the much improved set top box is using iOS you can barely tell when using the device.

The current Apple TV’s interface still uses Front Row, which Apple ditched in Mac Lion OS X. I think the new logical step for Apple TV is to let people know it uses iOS by allowing apps on the device and improving the user interface.


The question is when will the Apple TV get iOS apps? I think it will be soon. Apple has long been rumored to start selling a an actual television. Before Apple goes to market with such a device you can expect, an improved UI from the current Apple TV set top box, an improved remote and a App Store of the TV. The App Store would not only turn Apple TV into an instant game console but it would give users additional way to consume content on the device.

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  1. Random Mitchell

    Apple TV2 is nearly a year old. They’ll probably wait for Apple TV3 to release the app store, announced the same day as the next iPod Touch.

    • dab

      Still waiting on the ATV3 app store. I like TV3 but it would be nice if a browser and app store were added. Also the ability to outstream to to iPad and iPhone with airplay.

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