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Apple TV 3 teardown and specs

Published on March 18, 2012 by

We now have images of the internal parts for the Apple TV 3. The photos come from a teardown of the latest Apple TV by a xbmc.org forum member.

The first image shows the new single core A5 chip but we didn’t need a teardown to reveal that. Apple gives that information on the specs page for Apple TV. The A5 chip is an upgrade from the previous A4 processor but it lacks the dual-core as found in the A5 chip used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

The amount of RAM appears to have increased from 256MB to 512MB in the 3rd generation Apple TV. The new RAM appears to be a Hynix, H9TKNNN4K. That part number indicates it be 512MB in size. According to iFixit, it is the same RAM that is used in the Kindle Fire.

The new Apple TV uses a 8GB Toshiba Flash storage with the part number THGVX1G6D2HL A07. That is the same amount of storage as the previous model. The storage is only needed for the operating system and to support buffering and streaming of content.

The new Apple TV also contains a second antenna that was not present in the previous Apple TV, although we are not certain exactly how the new antenna is being used it’s likely to improve performance for streaming 1080p over WiFi.

Apple TV 3

Apple TV specs

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