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Watch live TV on Apple TV and iOS devices with iOSLiveTV

Published on April 27, 2012 by

iOSLiveTV.com is a new website that allows you to stream premium TV channels to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch free of charge. You can then use AirPlay to watch the free content on your Apple TV. The channels can also be viewed on a Mac or PC by visiting the site in a web browser.

I was able to view a few channels before writing this post. However, the service will likely have bandwidth and legal issues, so don’t expect this site to be up for long.

Another alternative for viewing live TV on Apple TV and other iOS devices is FilmOn.com. FilmOn has been around for a couple of years and is still up and running.

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6 Responses

  1. Emmanuel

    I could watch some European channels like tv5 from France. Sky sports (a rugby match) on the 30 of Aprill 2012 but since 2 days ago I am not anymore able to watch those. Channels. Sad. Only some Norwegian ones.

    • iOS TV

      Nice while it lasted, but it was certainly violating some laws. I’m surprised they didn’t shut it down sooner.

  2. Hunter

    Please tell me why iOSLiveTV is worth writing an article about when you state very clearly that they don’t have network backing and the service probably won’t be around long? It sounds like a pirate service which would concern me, I wouldn’t want to download the app or visit the site. I’ll stick with my Dish Remote Access app. Instead of a few selected channels, I can stream any channel I subscribe to as well as any DVR content on my Hopper. A coworker at Dish asked me about iOSLiveTV, he was thinking of trying it out. I advised him against it because it really isn’t a trusted source; you never know when a site or app may infect you with a virus or malware. It is better to have a trustworthy provider. After I talked him out of iOSLiveTV I found out that the site was already down. I am sure it was nice while it lasted, but that goes to illustrate my point.

    • Hesidot

      As this site is for iPhones and iPads, I wonder what kind of malware and viruses that would be, as there are zero viruses for iPhones and iPads in existence.

  3. Andrew Geks

    The service changed its domain, did you know? From now on its address is ioslivetv.net. No wonder people said ioslivetv.com didn’t work, just try to access it at new address and you’ll be surprised.

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