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Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to Apple TV

Published on February 3, 2013 by

Along with the iOS 6.1 update, Apple TV software was updated to 5.2. One of the key features for Apple TV is the ability to use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to control Apple TV. The obvious benefit is that you can type instead of entering text with arrow keys on the Apple TV remote. In addition to entering text, the keyboard can also be used to navigate and control Apple TV. This is a welcomed feature, the only question is why did it take Apple so long to add it.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to Apple TV

1. Update your Apple TV software to 5.2 or later by going to Settings-> General-> Update Software.
2. Once your Apple TV is updated go to General-> Bluetooth.
3. Put the Bluetooth keyboard into pairing mode. Hold the Power button on Apple wireless keyboards for pairing mode. A blinking LED indicates that the Apple Wireless Keyboard is discoverable.
4. Select your keyboard from the list using your Apple remote when it appears in the device list.

5. Type the four-digit code on your keyboard and then press Enter or Return.

6. Once the keyboard is connected you should see a confirmation.

After you have paired a Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV you can use it to:

  • Enter text for email addresses, passwords, search, etc.
  • Navigate the menus by using the arrow, Return, and Escape keys
  • Use media controls to play, pause, select next or previous content.

Note: Bluetooth support is a only for keyboards. Headsets, speakers, and other Bluetooth devices are not supported.

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