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Apple TV remote tips and features

Published on September 28, 2012 by

The Apple TV remote has a very simple design, but there are a few shortcuts that everyone is not aware of. For instance, you can go straight to the main menu from any screen by holding the Menu button for a few seconds or you can press the Menu button once to return to the previous screen.

Most people know you can go to Settings and select Sleep Now to turn off Apple TV, but you can also turn off Apple TV without using the onscreen menu. This comes in handy when you forgot to turn it off and you have already turned off the TV or changed the TV to display another device. Just hold the Select button for five seconds and Apple TV will go to sleep.

With Apple TV 5.1 or lateer you can also rearrange the icons using your remote. However, the top row (Movies, TV Shows, Music, Computers, and Settings) cannot be moved.

To change move the icons on the main menu:

1. Select the icon you want to move.
2. Press and hold Select on the remote.
3. When the icon begins to jiggle, use the remote to move the icon.
4. Press Select when you are finished.

Tip: You can use Parental Controls to hide icons. Go to Settings-> General-> Parental Controls and you can select to Show or Hide apps.

The chart below shows most of the remaining functions for the remote, such as, how to reset your Apple TV and how to pair other remotes.

Apple remote

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Holding the select button doesn’t turn it off any more after updating to iOS 6 (5.1). I suppose it has to do with moving the icons.

  2. Marge

    Is there a shortcut to get to captioning without going all the way back to settings?

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