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How to Remove and Rearrange Apple TV Apps

Published on August 17, 2013 by

Now that Apple is adding more third-party content to Apple TV, you may find that some of them you won’t use and removing them will reduce clutter. For instance, with the Apple TV 5.3 update Apple added HBO GO, ESPN, Sky News, Qello, and Crunchyroll to Apple TV. Here’s how you can easily hide third-party apps using parental controls.

How to Remove Apple TV Apps

1. On your Apple TV go to Settings-> General-> Parental Controls.
2. Scroll down to the app you wish to hide.
3. Press the Select button (center button) on your Apple TV remote. The app should say “Hide” next to it.

Remove Apple TV Apps

Screen shot before hiding Sky News

Screenshot before hiding Sky News

Screen shot after hiding Sky News

Screenshot after hiding Sky News

This method doesn’t actually remove the app, it simply hides it from the main menu. If you decide you want to use it later, you just need to go back to parental controls and change it from “Hide” to “Show”.

How To Rearrange Apple TV Apps

RemoteYou can easily rearrange the order of most of the Apple TV’s app icons. The only exceptions are the apps in the top row (Movies, TV Shows, Music, Computers, and Settings). The order of those icons cannot be changed.

To change the order of app icons on the main menu:

1. Select the icon you want to move.
2. Press and hold Select on the Apple TV remote.
3. When the icon begins to jiggle, use the remote to move the icon to a new position
4. Press Select again when the icon is in the new place you want it.

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