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Windows 8 is?

Published on August 23, 2013 by

Windows 8 isWindows is terrible, horrible, a disaster, a failure, it’s awful and a piece of crap. That’s what many people are saying online and that’s the suggested search results when you Google “Windows 8 is”.

To be fair, there’s also “Windows is awesome” and “Windows is great” in the search suggestions as well.

Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing, also offers similar search suggestions for the phase “Windows 8 is”.

To get a better example of what users are saying about Windows 8, you can visit Amazon and read the reviews from actual users. Windows 8 currently is rated at 2.5 stars out of 5. Whereas Windows 7 has a 4 out of 5 star ratings.Windows 8

If you haven’t used Windows 8 by now, you should be aware that navigating the user interface is much different than previous versions of Windows. Windows 8 merges a tablet and desktop operating system into one. What you end up with is a what may be a decent tablet UI, but a difficult user interface for desktop users.

Instead of going into depth about all of the things wrong with Windows 8, there’s a couple of videos that explain it well.



steve ballmerFor anyone considering buying a computer with Windows 8, I recommend buying a Mac instead.

If you still want to use Windows, I would suggest buying a Windows 7 CD and downgrading your OS.

You might be wondering how could Microsoft release something as bad as Windows 8? Surely, someone at the top like the CEO Steve Ballmer could have seen the problems with Windows and had it fixed before it was released to the public.

To find the answer, all you need to do is Google “Steve Ballmer is”.

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  1. MidnightDistort

    Yes indeed it is total and utter garbage. PC vendors shouldn’t even be selling W8 machines. The fact that W8 is nearly forced it’s almost like it’ll seem like W8 is doing better than it actually is. W8.1 is just as bad. I can only hope W9 will be better but unfortunately some people like this train wreck.

  2. The Windows 8 desktop is schizophrenic and the two personalities are Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I’d like to kick BG, and the rest of his arrogant team, in the round things.

    I just don’t have the coin or I would have bought windows 7 by now. I have it on my laptop at home and it’s fine. The machine I’m typing this on is an Acer Aspire V5. It’s fine, but I had no idea that the windows 8 that was pre-loaded on it would make me miserable and defeat, for now, my effort to become more, not less, productive. I find myself trying to do the simplest of things, to make this os appear and beahave the way I want it to, which is the way I’m comfortable with and used to – to no avail. I came here looking for help. I didn’t really want to rant. That’s fine, a little. But, again, I’m not being productive.

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